I am the eldest of three sisters from Kansas.  I grew up happily drawing, reading, and being with friends.   College introduced me to the work and excitement of making art, and I received my Fine Arts Degree.

It was while there that I met my husband, who is a neuroscientist and instructor. Our wedding was the day after graduation. We moved fairly frequently, following his education.  I sought out the art community in each area and participated at many levels.   First in Vermont, where we came to love orchards, snow, exploration and beauty.  Our son was born there.  The next stop was Minnesota for post doctoral work.  There I remember good friends, hot tea, and cold weather.  Our daughter was born there.

While she was tiny, we moved to Miami, FL for that first faculty position.  We enjoyed Christmas on the beach, visitors, and a love for new foods and culture.  Desiring to be closer to family, we relocated again to the Midwest, where we remain.  Our son and daughter have moved on and we enjoy life near Tulsa, OK.  

Teaching, competitions, workshops, and shows made life as a painter busy, hard, and fun.

 I paint and enjoy encouraging others to do so, too.    I have many art books, lots of supplies, teaching and research materials, and a show tent.  I keep it all in my studio and most of the time, it overflows into the garage.

During the past two years, two of my family members suffered traumatic brain injuries.  It was difficult to navigate the ICU in two different cities...our son survived and my father did not.  When we returned home it felt like my work needed to change for awhile.  

I began using delicate watercolor and ink on fragile tea bag paper.  The anatomy of the nerves in the brain and its ability to heal influenced my careful approach both in the studio and in life.

It is a joy to paint and I welcome you into my studio.

My painting style is representational with abstract and loose painterly strokes.   I received my degree in Fine Arts from Kansas State University.  

                                                               "My approach is very direct and colorful.

 I am partial to paintings that show the process of brush, knife, paint and emotion."